Adam M. – Buyer 930 Rancho Pl, San Jose

I just closed on my very first home purchase. I was not really sure what the home buying process was going to be like and I have heard from others that it can be a quite long and arduous process. However, I feel like Vinicius made it as simple as it could possibly be. Vinicius listened to the things that I was looking for in a home and was also able to ask questions to help fill in the gaps of the things that I had not thought of. There were times where I was “trigger happy” and just wanted to put an offer in, but he reminded me the magnitude of this decision and and to think about the decision more thoroughly before we go through with an offer. I ended up decided to wait, and we ended up getting the perfect home for me. He had truly listened to what I was looking for so when I wanted to put an offer for a home that wasn’t actually right for me he was able to advocate In helping me make the best decision. I believe this speaks to his character and his willingness/desire to put his clients first.

Adam M

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